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I have to eat Gluten-Free, What Do I Do?

That was the first thought I had when I was told I had to change to a Gluten-free diet. With a skin rash that no one knew how to treat or what to do with, caused by my gluten/wheat intake, my thinking cap had to go on!

My name is Treasure. I'm a Gluten Free Nutritionist with a Chef's heart for food. I’ve made it my specialty to help people who have celiac or are wheat and corn intolerant. This covers many areas in ones life; from not only food but makeup, hair care products, skin care, lotions and deodorants. Sadly, the list goes on and on! With the love of cooking and people I have spent much of my time researching for products that have to be clean. Since I'm the one who is the most sensitive to these things I am the guinea pig. Creating mouth-watering foods for people with Celiac Disease, or that have issues with gluten and wheat is not only a love but a necessity.

My team and I at Treasures-GlutenFree-Story have spent the last 12 years researching, playing with and creating easy to make, delicious food. We look for products that contain: NO Pesticides, No Wheat/Gluten, NO Corn, NO Food starch, NO Potato, NO Cane or Beet Sugar, NO Egg, NO MSG, NO GMOs, NO Tapioca, NO Wheat, Potato, Malt or Corn-based Yeast, NO High Fructose Corn Syrup, NO Hydrogenated oils, NO Maltodextrin, NO Casen, NO Meat, NO Nuts or Peanuts. Phewwwwwww!

That’s a lot of “no”s, I know. What do I use, then? Actually my most common question is "Whoa, wait a minute! Than what is actually IN THIS!?!" This is normally right after they take a bite. Fallowed by "NO WAY!", and then "THIS IS AWSOME!!!"

I use whole foods, simple pure ingredients and make everything by scratch. Yep, all by scratch. No eating out or buying pre-done foods. Even with baking I manly use bean flours, coconut and Almond meals. Why? Well, I found that the Gluten Free Flours and food that were "out there" had one if not all of the above ingredients I just listed in their pre-done products. There were more allergies going on in my Family then just Wheat/Gluten Intolerance and I did not want to do 5 different dishes ever meal for each person to enjoy.

So, I started out small. Through trial and error, I am now able to prepare pizza crust that holds together nicely, muffins that are light, cakes that do not fall; foods that people who are not gluten intolerant can enjoy without ever knowing they are made specifically for those who deal with Celiac Disease. That is how Treasures-GlutenFree-Story came to be.

One of my family's favorite dishes that I make is Pizza, one of the first foods that we all missed. The recipie I created makes a 24 inches wide, 3 inches tall, with a crust that tastes, looks, and almost holds up to the real deal, and topped with homemade sauce, cheese, meat, fresh toppings, and with a final dusting of cheese before it gets popped into the oven. Mmmm, It smells and tastes so good when it’s finished!

If you like to know more about working with a gluten-free diet, please sign up for my monthly newsletter right here on Treasures-GlutenFree-Story. It is chocked full of new ideas, hints, tips and suggestions where you will find the ease and joy in cooking again, along with healthful tips to living a gluten-free life.

I also have a Facebook page and twitter that I share recipes or articles that I have found from others that like myself. Most of the time I try the recipes and find it a plus when I don't have to convert them and can just share them with you. :)

Feel free to comment and share on this website,Facebook, or twitter with the things you have found, liked or have a question for my team and myself.


Like to cook? Checkout My E-cookbook that is filled with one of a kind easy dinner recipes!

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